Canoe trips

The Põltsamaa River is one of the most  water abundant rivers in Estonia, where paddling is pure pleasure. The river banks are diverse and one can admire the masterpieces made by beavers. If you have luck, you may meet a beaver yourself.


Canoe trips at night

The nature is quiet and wild animals become active at night. The nightly sounds are well heard and thrill many of us.



Bog shoeing trip in Endla Nature Reserve 

Bog is one of the best places to slow down the fast pace of life and relax. Matkapesa’s favourite is the Männikjärve bog located in the Endla Nature Reserve, which is one of the most representative bog lands in Estonia. 


Hike in the Norra-Ostriku Springs area

Join an exciting hike to the Norra-Oostriku springs and learn interesting stories about this wonderful region. The Norra-Oostriku Springs is the most spring-abundant area in Estonia and here are many unique springs.



 Boat rental on Väinjärv

Come and spend a memorable day fishing or enjoying a boat ride on the largest lake in Järva county!



Rental hut

After a hike or a fishing trip, hot sauna is a cherry on the cake. Matkapesa’s rental hut has everything you need – WC, kitchenette, rest area, fireplace and last but not least – good sauna.  



Canoe trips in Aidu quarry

Aidu quarry is one of the most remarkable artefacts in Estonia which has found itself a new meaning in Estonian tourism.  


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