Rental hut

After a hike or a fishing trip, hot sauna is a cherry on the cake. Matkapesa’s rental hut has everything you need – WC, kitchenette, rest area, fireplace and last but not least – good sauna. The hut is located by Väinjärv, just 30 metres away from the shore. The rental hut is meant for a nature loving person.
Rental prices: 150EUR/24hours or 20EUR/hour.


Matkapesa’s rental hut was financed by the Leader Program.

  • Tulevased Seiklused:

    1. Metsanäitus “Prügi paine”

      September 20 @ 08:00 - November 30 @ 17:00
    2. Matkamaja broneeritud

      September 26 @ 08:00 - September 27 @ 17:00
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