Boat rental on Väinjärv

Boat rental on Väinjärv

Come and spend a memorable day fishing or enjoying a boat ride on the largest lake in Järva county!

Matkapesa has to offer 2 boats, both of which accommodate four adults. The boats are suitable for fishing and amusement.
Väinjärv is the largest natural lake in Järva County. Its average depth is 5,5 metres and the maximum depth is about 11 metres. The most common fish species are the roach, bream, tench, pike and perch. The lake is surrounded by a beautiful bog forest and round the lake is a hiking trail. Väinjärv has a swimming beach and about 6 metres high jumping tower. In addition, it has 2 volleyball courts and a basketball court. When you are hungry, Beach Café Väinaka Lafka helps you out. By Väinjärv is also located Matkapesa’s rental hut.
Boat rental is 6EUR/hour or 30 EUR/24hours

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