The sixth Türi-Tori Downriver Race was memorable!

To begin with, I would like to thank everybody who participated with Matkapesa in the Türi-Tori Downriver Race. It was a pleasure to meet the 78 kilometre long challenge together with you.

This year’s downriver race was especially memorable, thanks to the pleasant company who paddled on the Pärnu River from Türi to Tori. Matkapesa had 6 participants and all of them reached the finish line – who sooner, who later. Water and the weather conditions were similar to last year. During the last 2 years, sunny weather has made the marathon a bit easier, because let’s face it… on a 78 km long downriver race, it is very difficult to enjoy all the kilometres, especially when there is a little competition involved…

This year, I filmed some most interesting moments and soon I hope to launch a video overview of the race. However, at the moment I publish a short video clip about passing through the Jändja Dam.

In addition, I would like to describe a situation we had with my crew. Namely, the happy competitors often greet and wave to the spectators standing on the river bank. This time there was an elderly lady sitting on a hip-high wood cage, to whom I also decided to wave. She waved back to be, but unfortunately lost her balance and fell behind the cage, her feet and stroller up in the air… As she disappeared behind the cage, I decided to stop my canoe and check whether she was alright. After running a couple of hundred meters, I reached the lady who had difficulties in getting up again. In summary, even during a competition do not forget humanity!

It’s spring, come and enjoy nature on the river!

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