Exciting trip on the Pirita River

Matkapesa had an interesting adventure on the Pirita River on Friday (20.06). The trip started from Kose-Uuemõisa and a large part of the journey was a pleasant obstacle course, which provided a good exercise for the team. One could steer the canoe from under a tree or over a tree, but it was not a problem, rather an experience. The Pirita River was water abundant and offered beautiful views with its high banks and tall trees. During the 4 hour trip, we could also meet three times the so-called “Parrot of Estonia” – the kingfisher. About in the middle of the trip, we had a lunch break at the Viking Village, which turned out to be a perfect spot since we also happened to see a real viking with a wooden boat on the Pirita river. We finished the trip near Tuhala.

What a successful day!

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