78 kilometres of struggling with difficulties, but it all ends always with a smile on your face!

The annual 78 km long Türi-Tori Downriver Race has become a tradition for Matkapesa. Compared to the last year’s weather conditions, it was very summery: the weather was warm and water level low. Due to the low water level, the water flow was slower and therefore one was required to use more muscle strength.


(Photo: www.jt.ee)

All 6 canoe crews finished successfully. When describing the spirit in a canoe, then in general, the first twenty kilometres passed in a happy and calm mood, but every subsequent kilometer was spent quieter and quieter due to fatigue. Little quarrels within the teams were caused by wrong (or right) chosen routes for passing the rapids, poor (or sufficient) rowing etc. At the finish, all obstacles were already forgotten and promises were made to be present in the competition next year as well!
Two crews managed to try an early swimming in the river. However, one cannot call this activity quite voluntary, as rapid water flow, rocks and misfortune played a role there too. Both of the crews admitted the water was not that cold, but apparently was this emotion influenced by the adrenaline rush. One crew lost one of its paddles and the competitors had to row in turns until finish.


(Photo: Ülo Soomets)

In relation to the race results, the first 4 places were won by Matkapesa’s mixed pair crews. Matkapesa’s male crew reached the 4th place, and by the way they were the ones paddling the last kilometres with one paddle.
Compared to last year, the race results were up to 2,5 hours slower due to low water level. Nonetheless, the challenge on the Pärnu River was full of good emotions and success! Come and join us next year!
But until then we are waiting for you to join us in canoe trips on the Põltsamaa River!


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